Digital India, an operation launched by the Government of India on 2nd July, 2015 to make sure that services are accessible to people by electronic means and refining online infrastructure by growing Internet connectivity or by creating the country digitally endowed in the field of information technology. The Digital India program was launched by our worthy Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi.


Many of the digital marketing companies are helping to make India everything in digital. Three main core objectives of this program are digital literacy, creating digital infrastructure, and delivering the services digitally. Main features of Digital India Program include:

  1. Telemedicine Technology

With the launch of digital technology, healthcare technology has been into change such that quality healthcare can be retrieved by all. The launch of Telemedicine technology will work as an application on mobile devices in order to eradicate the barriers and ease the admittance to advanced medical facilities. Patients living in the isolated location will be able to associate with Physicians in big hospitals via video conferences and pursue face-to-face consultation by video conference. Moreover, devices such as electronic stethoscope, Digital ECG and echo-cardiogram will be equipped with mobile phones allowing doctors to implement real-time diagnostics of patients at distant location. IT Field has helped a lot in creating this telemedicine technology a great success.


  1. Digital Literacy

Digital Literacy is an ability of the individual to understand and use digital technology within the life circumstances. Many of the big companies are supporting the Digital India vision by launching various mobile applications to train people with digital skills in different languages covering all over India. Various modules on digital literacy, financial inclusion, healthcare and cleanliness are available to enhance this digital literacy scheme. There is a phrase called “PADHEGA INDIA TABHI TO BADHEGA INDIA” which clearly defines the term digital literacy.  Web development companies have been working hard to make this Digital India project a huge success. For all the web solutions, get in touch with best web development companies in gurgaon


  1. E-KRANTI (The Electronic Revolution)

The main objective of e-Governance is to enable the individuals and stakeholders for facilitating electronic delivery to the citizens. The electronic revolution E-Kranti was launched with the emphasis on transforming eGovernance for transforming Governance. This process will lay out the roadmap for e-governance in the country. With the latest innovations merged with the cloud based technology, e-Kranti will enable stress-free obtainability of government services on your fingertips.


  1. Digitalization in Agriculture & Farming

Indian agriculture, the pride of country is in devastating stage now. Lack of information causes massive loss in the production of crop impacting the rates of the crop. Digitalization or the invention of digital technology will be bringing a positive change in the life of farmers. Farmers will be much capable to get weather information such as rain forecast, and wind speed by using features like SMS, Helplines, and Voice messages. Using internet and mobile technology information such as regarding climate, storage information, marketing, crops and soil will be obtainable to the farmers instantly. In the coming days, Digitalization is unquestionably be promoting rural lives and food security services in India.


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