Images do certainly have an essential role to show on websites and their occurrence also helps in holding the users for extended period of time. Furthermore, it also augments the website’s existence and makes it more appealing for the users. Images are really significant for any kind of website particularly for e-commerce ones as they clasp customers well than the long-written explanation in the method of content on any website. Thus, totalling a picture-perfect image can be the last prerequisite for your WordPress website to make it very much common among WordPress website employers.

When it involves use of pictures over websites, one factor that has got to be unbroken in mind is to optimize the photographs as per the layout of your WordPress web site. To alter this task of putting pictures on the layout of the web site, you’ll use a picture placeholder generator tool that helps in making dummy pictures to be placed on show. Moreover, pictures take goodish house over your WordPress web site and so, it’s essential to optimize them in order that they can’t hamper the website’s loading speed.

Lots many images placed over your website might add extra space or storage capacity that might result in the upsurge bandwidth on the website. The best and the only solution are to optimize these images. We at Zatak Softech are the best WordPress Customization Services in India. A rapid and quick loading of your website is what is essentially required for a user friendly website. Thus, websites having extraordinary rapidity bring new consumers, new sales, and more revenues to the business that marks it much more fruitful.

There are lots of benefits for optimizing the images which includes improved ranking in Google, better performance, increased sales, and amplified return on investment. But there are some factors that might be considered while optimizing the image such as-

ALT TEXT:  It is an abbreviated form for Alternative Text and it is used to represent picture so that consumers can effortlessly identify the same over the server.

IMAGE FORMAT: There are mainly three dissimilar types of image file formats that are used such as JPEG, PNG and GIF. JPEG is used importantly for photographic images with a variety of color scattering. PNG is typically used for descriptive images like icons, logos, screen shots, banners, and other imagery. The setup is the greatest to use for animated images. GIFs make use of lossless firmness method to compress the animated images.

FILE NAME: It is very much significant to tag your file along with a suitable name such that customers can reach up to you much easily. You must choose a descriptive file name along with the keyword in the name such that image could be easily reachable on the search engine.

FILE SIZE: Images occupy 63% of the space in a website. Thus, image optimization methods must be retained into notification while using these images over the website.

CAPTIONS: Captions are measured an expressive form of data that is very much revealing and descriptive at the same time.

There are lots of extensions or plugins available for enhancing the speed of your WordPress site. These plugins are needed to be installed very much carefully. And much more than that, the best option is to consider WordPress Customization Services in India – Zatak Softech Pvt Ltd. To get in touch with us, e-mail us at We will get back to you as soon as possible.